Contactless photo/video shoot

Ok, ok, so here it is.

Steps for contactless photos and video for real estate to keep everyone involved safe.

  • Agent signs the contract with awesome sellers YAY!

  • Agent (that’s you) contacts Dano (that’s me) at Danovision Productions and schedules a photo and video and drone session for your new listing

  • Dano goes to the listing location, takes what he thinks are great photos as well as the best video, a WalkthruAirPlus and it's like you are right there walking through yourself. (Yes that’s what it’s actually called a WalkthruAirPlus from REVToursNow. This is the complete package consisting of a Walkthru video tour (the video), drone aerial photos/video (that’s where the Air comes from) and MLS photos (this is the Plus) providing this service safely, even while your seller's are home (which is where I think most people are right now) all while maintaining physical distancing.

  • Within 24 hours you (my new best friend!) will receive an email with a number of links which will be your REVTour, photos and of course the least favourite for you, an invoice.

  • Now the rest is up to you.

  • Build your MLS for the listing and get it out there.

  • While you’re working at it, I think a Live Stream Open House may be in order and I’m sure you already know this "new" service is built into and I believe it is a great way to showcase your new listing by scheduling and advertising your listing for your live stream with your potential clients, all from the safety of everyone's home.

  • While live streaming your virtual video tour, you can interact with your clients as if in real time. It really is the next best thing to being there and with REVToursNow, agents have sold a number of properties sight unseen. A REVTour offers the most realitic view of their new home without physically being there. (maybe this is the true physical distancing).

    Please feel free to contact me for additional information. Have a great day and be safe, wherever you may be.

  • Products List

    • Real Estate Virtual "Video" Tours
    • High quality aerial video and photos
    • MLS Photos
    • Sunset/Evening Photos
    • E-Tour-email blasts
    • QR-Code generated Sticker on For Sale sign
    • Property Bullets Points, text overlay for video

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