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Real Estate "Video" Tours That Rock

The "NEW" Real Estate Virtual Tour.

Reasons to hire a professional videographer/photographer Real Estate Virtual Tour Company.

    REVToursNow has been approved by the FAA with Section 333 waiver exemption.
    This means you are hiring REVToursNow knowing your aerial photos and video have been acquired legally and without the threat of prosecution.

  1. Potential buyers have a better expectation and feel for the home before even visiting.

The listing agent is viewed as a marketer who presents his/her listings in the best way possible.

The Realtor becomes a hero to their seller often resulting in referrals to friends and family, more listings and a higher annual income for the Realtor.

Great REVTours video and MLS photos often generate multiple showings and multiple offers resulting in a higher sales price.

In future listing interviews you are able to use those REVTours videos and MLS photos to impress the homeowner that you will present their home in the best way possible. We are an image driven society and people are drawn to a great video/photos. $$$ spent to hire a professional photographer now turns into thousands of dollars of commission back to you now and later.

Securing more listings means more happy sellers, more potential referrals and another factor to brag about during future interviews. Simply put, the more listings you get, your image of success is stronger which generates more listings and money in your bank account.

You won’t have to spend the time taking and later preparing the photos for MLS. It will be magically done for you.

Our videos, photos and editing are completely done ourselves. Each Listing is unique and does not get prepared using a template. Every Listing receives it's own personal touch from capturing the footage to the music backgound.

Save countless hours driving around only to find out they didn't like the neighborhood, the color of the driveway, or the view from the upstairs balcony. 
These video tours (typically 3-5+ minutes depending on the size of your property) can easily be linked to your MLS listing (Virtual Tour) which is accessible on any computer, smartphone, or tablet anywhere, anytime.

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Transport Canada Drone Pilot Certificate number:PC2002940053

Our REVTours

(WalkthruAirPlus Package)

come with:

1-Video Walkthru of Listing complete with Aerial Footage- link to copy and paste to your MLS virtual tour section.

2-Minimum 35 photos for MLS
(depending on property size)

3-MP4 video file of REVTour for uploading to social media sites, ie. YouTube Channel, Facebook, your website, etc.

4-Turn around usually within 24 hours

5-Unsurpassed customer service

6-Discount for 2 or more WalkthruAirPlus REVTours booked for same day/same area.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information.


Can you really spy with a drone?

May I use a UAS (drone) to take aerial images of my real estate listings?

Current FAA laws and regulations generally prohibit the commercial use of UAS, which includes for the purpose of real estate marketing.  You may, however, use a UAS if you possess a valid Remote Pilot Certificate. 

May I hire someone else to operate a UAS to take aerial images of my real estate listings?

Yes.  You may hire an individual or company to operate a UAS on your behalf.  However, before doing so, be sure to verify that the individual or company has successfully obtained a Section 333 waiver from the FAA.