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Aerial Photo & Video capabilities

REVToursNow has been approved by the FAA with Section 333 waiver exemption # 15233.
This means you are hiring REVToursNow knowing your aerial photos and video have been acquired legally and without the threat of prosecution.

You are now able to show your interested clientele what their dream home or commercial property will look like from a birds eye view. This will ensure they know what the property includes as well as an overall view of the neighbourhood. It's the best way to show a property's proximity to canals, mangroves, islands, roadways and the Gulf, just to name a few of the awesome views and amenities Southwest Florida has to offer.

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Aerial Photography

Transport Canada Pilot Certificate #

FAA Section 333 Waiver approved

City or Cape Coral aerials provided by Danovision Productions/REVToursNow